Thai Tilapia in a Coconut Curry Broth

Nick and I are huge fans of Thai food. There is actually a Thai place not too far from us and we are OBSESSED. We used to order from there at least once a week, but have simmered down a bit because were were getting a carried away with eating out and take out.

So, to scratch our Thai itch, and also to have another go-to recipe for the most versatile fish out there, I did some research. And this is what I found….

Thai Tilapia in a Coconut Curry Broth

To. Die. For.

Nick literally licked the plate clean. It was THAT GOOD!

It’s not just fish and sauce either. It’s actually stacked on brown rice and steamed baby spinach. So so delicious and so so HEALTHY!

Here is what we needed:

And the final result! (sorry, it was a quick recipe so I didn’t have time to document my steps)

Thanks for the recipe,! Will definitely be making this meal very soon!!

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