Hand Painted Wallpaper!

The hubs and I have been living in our fabulous apartment 2 blocks from the beach for a little over 2 years now. We love the location and are really enjoying our time there….BUT we are ready to buy our first house! So of course, in the middle of house hunting, I decide to take on a fun little decor project in the very apartment we are trying to leave. I just couldn’t help myself.

I blame this all on the very talented designer Emily, who documented this project on her blog…Jones Design Company. The second I laid my eyes on this tutorial, I was hooked and literally could not shake this project from my DIY obsessed mind.

I won’t go into the tutorial since you can easily see it on Emily’s site, but I will share the fact that I did make her template a bit larger to give a more dramatic effect (plus it really cut down on time spent on this hand-painted wallpaper project…it only took 3 evenings from start to finish!!). Also, to get this color, I mixed in some white paint with the paint I had originally used on this wall (good thing I had it saved under the kitchen sink!). 

What do you think of our new wall?

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