…better late than never

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their mid-week holiday! I had a great day….but I do wish I took at least Thursday and Friday off…

Must remember to take those days off in 7 years. 

So after a day at the beach with all of the in-laws (brothers, sisters, mother), Nick and I hosted a little BBQ at my parents’ house. We all combined forces and hit up the grocery and liquor stores… Everyone got the ingredients they needed, and we put on a sweet spread in less than 2 hours!

I made a typical Greek salad and helped chop some veggies for a TO DIE FOR Eggplant Salad that Nick was making…thanks mommy and papi for teaching him! Everyone scarfed it down before I could take some descent pictures.

{I’ll definitely share the recipe soon}

But what I’m really proud of is the American Flag Platter that I made!

Tell me what you think about this combo….Watermelon and Feta! Sooo good! Sweet and salty goodness in your mouth! LOVE!



Or for Labor Day 🙂

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