Food Bartering…

So last night my friend Gerrie came over to help with the look and feel of this fabulous blog.

I hope you guys like!

I paid him for this work in food….. Garlic-coated salmon topped with a tomato basil relish served with lemony asparagus and baked fingerling potatoes, to be exact. To quote Gerrie, ‘Best dinner I have had in a very long time!’ And not only does he give good compliments, but he brings wine as well. Love friends who tote around bottles of wine.

I also love recipes that don’t require too many ingredients. And even though this specific meal consists of 4 different pieces, most of the ingredients we repeated…garlic, pressed through a garlic press, lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, etc…. Of course, in my typical fashion, I focus on 1 piece at a time…so i press the garlic for the salmon marinade, put the rest of the garlic away, rinse the garlic press and move on. Then I start on the 2nd piece of the this delicious meal…the tomato basil relish… chop up some cherry tomatoes, some basil …. and then what does it call for??? PRESSED GARLIC! So I have to whip out the garlic and dirty up the press again. Same goes for the lemon zest. I zested 3 lemons at 3 different times. What’s the lesson learned here??? Do it once, and spread out the amounts to satisfy all pieces of your recipe. We’ll see if I learned my lesson next time. Doubtful.






Oh…you want the recipe dontcha?

The Salmon Dance by the Cozy Apron

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